Quick methods to know someone has blocked your phone number on android

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As a matter of fact , there is not an basic option in android phones which can provide you the detail about the person who blocked your phone number but if your android phone calls and text messages cant able to reach the specific person then your guess is right you are actually blocked . But in some cases, the person phone battery may be dead or may be its phone is on silent for some reason or the other way is that he blocked you by any accidents.

It is obvious that you wont get any sort of notification call from a person who blocked you. So you can also make a guess by looking it.However ; there are Two quick Methods used if someone has blocked your phone number in  android

quick methods you can apply if someone has blocked you on android phones. 

Anonymous call

The quickest method to check whether your number has been blocked or not is to make anonymous calls. You can make this call just by typing *67 before the number you dialled .if your call is sent to voicemail then your android phone number actually has not been blocked. However, if your call has not been sent to voicemail then your number is blocked   

Contact the number through WhatsApp

As we know WhatsApp has a million subscribers its obvious that everyone is linked with so send a message to the contact number and see what happen with your message If your message gets two checkmarks then wait and check if they get blue marks.

If your check marks get blue its confirm that the person seen your message and the person can reply you easily by a short message If the person does not contact with you  ( even after the two marks get blue) it simply means that the person is not interested to contact with you and has most likely blocked your contact number. In case of your contact person is not available on WhatsApp

Use your caller id

If your contact person is not using WhatsApp then it is not necessary to try the above mention steps if you want to know basically who blocked you then you need to be hide your caller id

 There are some steps which help you to hide your caller id

  • Launch the phone app on android phone 
  • Then click on the three dots or more icons on the top- right of  android phone screen 
  • After click on the setting from option list
  • Now click on the supplementary services which show you the caller id  

Call your contact with your hidden caller id if your contact received the call or the phone rings as usual without getting to voicemail then there must be high chances that your number is blocked

However instead of these two quick methods there are many ways which help you to reach the person whom blocked you.

Make a call to see his/her response

First of all call the specific person and then notice the number of rings before getting sent voice mail .

If the number of rings is as usual then it will be the normal call because if that person blocks you would be only able to hear a single ring before it was sent to voice mail. The change ring pattern does not totally mean that your number is blocked in some cases the person is busy on a phone call with the other at the same time or maybe its phone is off.

Calls were sent to the voice mail directly after the single ring .it is generally a strong sign that your phone number is blocked. You should not get confused because there are many reasons that the specific person cant attend your phone calls. There is also a way that you can call her from another phone to find out the real matter.

Make a contact with his/her near ones,

This thing must comes to your mind at first .just make a call to other relatives,friends,cousins to find out that everything is ok or if something is wrong then you get the chance to make the situation better or clear the misunderstandings. Because  most of the time the person is busy or facing some issues due to which they cant contact with you so lets the things clear before making any decision

Check with social media

In case the specific person is not using WhatsApp he/she must be available on any social media platform just like Facebook twitter Instagram snap chat and other social media platforms .so now you have to send the person a message and still if you don’t get any response back so its clear that the person is not interested to contact with you .So in that case don’t waste your time in finding why the person blocked you just forget about it and move on

Removing the contact

If you remove the contact from your contact list and after this you create a new message by starting with your contact name then you will see your contact name as a suggestion only if your contact number has not blocked your number and if it will not appear then you are blocked by your contact.

What should you do after getting blocked?

someone  has blocked your phone number on android

Let’s just think that you have tried the above listed option to find out that you are blocked by your contact. Now the next question that comes to your mind is. What should you do in this case? Now the answer to this question is if it’s very urgent to contact with the person then meet with the person and make things clear. In case u cant meet with the person and you already texted her/him and if you do not receive any message back then stop disturbing the person because the person can report your behaviour to legal councils.

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