How to fix a hacked Android phone

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If you want to know how to fix hacked android phone and how to protect your android phone from getting hacked again?

Here are the complete details of fix a hacked Android phone Problem

The security is the main concern for everyone. Every person wants to make it phone secure because a phone contains all the personal and important data of a person. Through a mobile, we all are connected to each other and the mobile phone has now become the most personal and important thing in this modern era. However, there is a lot of problem of hacking on android phone. It’s not a big deal for a hacker to hack your android phone and steal all your personal data. But you can make your android phone safe by using these appropriate methods.

The hacking problem in android mobiles

All the android mobile phones are based on the Linux operating system. It may happen on android phones that suddenly some apps download on your phone due to which your mobile get a virus. If you do not use the application carefully and installed those applications on your mobile which are not verified then it can cause serious damage to your mobile. To avoid these conditions the android users must use all the application in a caring way and always installed those applications which are verified. Hackers can easily hack your mobile and they can set the virus by any app.

What should you do if your mobile get a virus

If your android phone get a virus which is damaging your mobile data them here is the solution to prevent this condition

1.Stop pop-ups adds For fix hacked android

There are two kinds of pop up ads

Normal pop up ads

The normal pop up ads are those which appear on your mobile when you get subscribed to any channel and then you receive the notification from that website but when you unsubscribe the channel you will not receive any notification so it’s normal

Virus pop up adds

The virus pop up adds comes from those website which you have never visited.In this situation it is clear that your android get a virus and you should remove it.

The pops add are so annoying and worse and you can remove the pops up by chrome .visit chrome and go to setting then select the pops up option an off the option. If it’s can’t help you then you can try another step by allowing the chrome data saver feature.

2.install anti .virus app

If all the sings show that your mobile gets hacked then one of the easiest option to get rid of this situation is to install a reputable anti-virus app.

On google play store you will find a lot of antivirus apps which can help you to protect your android but my personal suggestion is to use that app which has good reviews and high rating .such as Malware Bytes and other good apps. After installing the app use it to clean all the viruses from your android. Most of the good apps on play store are free you so can take a trial and clean all the viruses from your phone.

3.Delete the useless apps for fix hacked android

Mostly this option works very perfectly. In mobiles there are many apps which work are useless the person may not use them and unaware of its bad effects on you android .so what you have to do is to find these apps and delete all of them from your android.

Take following steps to remove apps

1.Go to the setting option

2.Then go to unwanted apps or application manager

3.Here you will show the list of all the apps

4.Select the unwanted apps

5.Then tap on uninstall to remove the useless app

4.Rebooting the android

It is possible that all the viruses or issues with your android can simply be solved by rebooting your android device. Take the following steps to reboot your device

1.Hold down the power button on android then boot pop up window will be show on the screen

2.Then tap on the restart buttons and wait until the process is finished

3.Then you will see all the viruses are remove and your android is safe.

5.Disable the unknown sources

The other way to protect your android is to disable the unknown sources. Because android mobiles can easily install any app if you have a network connection and then show you a-lot of disturbing notification. This condition can become harmful for your device.

  • Take the following steps
  • Visit the setting option in your android
  • Then visit the system-advanced option and find the developer option.
  • Find unknown sources and disable it.

6 factory reset for fix hacked android problem Resolve

fix a hacked Android phone
fix a hacked Android phone

If the above-mentioned steps are not working then you have to take a big step. When you do a factory data reset all your data from your android is reset and then it will restore it to its original, default setting. In this case, all the viruses and hacking program will be deleted from your phone.

Take following steps for factory reset

  • Turn off the device and hold on the power buttons and volume up button continuously.
  • Leave the power button when you see the device logo but keep on pressing the volume up button.
  • At the recovery screen of android use the button of volume down to drive wipe cache partition and then press on the power button to select it.

5 best ways to protect your android phone from getting hacked in future

  1. just use those apps which are officially verified don’t use the other apps.becuase the unverified accounts contain the virus.
  2. keep your Bluetooth off when it’s not in your use unnecessary use of Bluetooth option allow many harmful programs to attack your android.
  3. you must upgrade your phone so it has the best defence.
  4. Always create a strong password never make the weak password make a clever or that kind of password which no one can guess.
  5. Always well aware of the public Wi-Fi its always good to use your own Wi-Fi

Actually I think now you know how to fix a hacked Android phone.Leave Comment Explain your experience

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