How to find WIFI Password on android without ROOT

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Hello, Everyone in this article I will introduce you to how to find wifi password using your android phone without enabling Root                          

Almost every android phones have some unique features that are difficult to exist in other phone devices. If you have experience of using any kind of android phone then you will definitely familiar with this basic information that it is not easy to access to any wifi password saved in your mobile phone.

Find wifi password without root

But there is a benefit for those persons who have android phones if you are one of them then you are also lucky. There is a simple way which helps you to get access to find wifi password without any root .the rotting process is actually very hard as it includes the large documents and files to be download

Most Android  phones have many  saved wifi networks .but if mistakenly if you have forgotten your wifi password you can  recover it easily  by following the instruction

Most people cant able to use the rooting process because you need a file manager or other documents. When an android person is busy on phone, he may be connected to a number of wifi networks .such as in school he has that password or in a gym. Subway, hospitals, hotels, buses etc. So the problem is that our brain is much strong to remember all the passwords for future use.

If you are in search of how to find the wifi password without any root system then you are at the right place. We will introduce you how to do this

What is rooting?

It is very important for you to know what is rooting process before finding your password without any root system. if You have experience of using computer windows or Linux then you know that when you install a new program or any software then there is suddenly a dialogue box written with Administrator which is permission needed to run this program. Thus if you don’t have any administrators permission then obviously you cannot install the programs. This system in android is called rooting process.

 In this article, however, I will provide you with the information to find wifi password without any root mostly it seems to be difficult or impossible but the answer is yes it is possible. This can  be done by using some insight programs which give you access to the password from the phone

There are some basic steps which show you how to get the wifi password without root

1. To become a developer

In order to get access to the basic files which android uses to run need to practice the developer system finally when you become a developer these things are easy for you. Now because after becoming a developer you will be able to understand all the things. Then pick your android phone and select the setting and search the option about the phone. Click on it and scroll down  to find the build number

Click on this build number 5 to 6 times then a message will pop out written with you are now a developer  Now go back to setting search the developer option turn on  the button named as Android/USB

Download the drivers

Open your window desktop. Download the ADB drivers .there is also need to download and install the platform-tools from a link. Now open your downloads which include your file then hold the shift key and right-click inside the folder and select the open button 

  • Is ADB working properly 

Now it is necessary for you to check whether the driver abd is working or not because if it is not working then it can create problems in order to check this connect your phone to the pc by using a USB and then type adb services in the command prompt after checking that it work properly focus on next step

  • Search  android wifi password

In the command prompt now you need to type adb pull /data/misc/wifi/WPA-supplicant.conf.This will drive the file from your android phone to the local disk c of the computer.

  • Find the Wifi password

Now the last step is to open the file with the notepad here you will see the password save the password and then you will be able to use the wifi connection so enjoy.

Find the password by using wireless router

Find wifi password without root

This method is quite simple and easy and it can also help you to find wifi password it requires that the user have information about the wireless router that you use because you have to go to the administrative panel. Follow these steps to find a password without using root. Check the wireless router that you use and then visit admin panel but if you are not using the wireless router then you can search it go to browser and type address

Then it would ask for the password and username. Now when you come to know that which wireless router you are using then open the setting page of your wireless router then click on wireless and further on the wireless security. Now just see the wifi password and save it and then you can use the wifi easily.

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