Virtuoso RGB Wireless SE Review – Gaming Headset

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Corsair Virtuoso RGB Wireless SE has a solid track record in gaming headsets, with relatively affordable HS models and the advanced Void line for a long time. Now, another series has been added to them, in which the company decided to collect all the best to please the most demanding gamers. Corsair Virtuoso RGB Wireless. The specs of the entire line look quite impressive, but even inside it has its own “uncompromising” model, which differs from its brethren by the presence of the letters SE in the name.

The advantages of the device can be enumerated for quite a long time: three options for connecting to a sound source, original design with RGB lighting, soft ear pads with foam filling, high-quality detachable microphone, large speakers with neodymium magnets, setup software, up to 20 hours of operation without recharging. not the whole list yet. In theory, everything looks just fine. Let’s see how headphones behave in practice.

Corsair Virtuoso RGB Wireless SE

Packaging and equipment (Corsair Virtuoso RGB Wireless SE

The device is delivered in a box with a black lid on which its image and key characteristics are applied. The design is strict but pleasant – quite in the spirit of “premium” devices.

Gaming Headset

Removing the cover, the user finds the headphones themselves, neatly laid on the carrying case. The outer part of the ear pads is additionally protected by plastic “rims”. A thin sheet of foam rubber is glued to the inside of the lid, cables and wireless adapter are packed in a separate box. In general, everything is packed very securely, during transportation the contents of the package will not be damaged.

Corsair Virtuoso RGB Wireless SE

The set includes headphones, a USB transmitter for a wireless connection, a USB to USB Type C cable (1.8 m long), a detachable microphone, an audio cable with two mini-jacks (1.5 m long), a bag for storage and transportation, and documentation.

Design and construction

The Corsair Virtuoso RGB Wireless SE looks very original. But at the same time restrained and even elegant. This is a rarity for a gaming headset. Most of the body is made of aluminum, only one color is available in this version. The models are slightly simpler and without the SE prefix in the name are supplied in white and matte black.

The cups rotate 90 in each direction, and the rotation requires quite a noticeable effort. Little unusual but does not affect the comfort of use in any way.

Gaming Headset

All moving parts look solid and reliable. No backlash or squeaks were noticed during the entire testing period.

The headband is covered with artificial leather. Which is very pleasant both in appearance and in the touch. With a rather noticeable texture. A neat seam is visible from the side.

Soft padding is placed inside the leather headband. In the lower part adjacent to the head when worn, its layer is thicker.

The arch of the headband is metal. The inner part of its retractable segment. Which is responsible for the operation of the locking mechanism in different positions, is made of plastic. On a small element under the leather overlay, there are “right” / “left” markings. They are hardly noticeable – it is easier to navigate by the microphone and controls.

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