How to check Hotmail Junk mail on android

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                  If you are confused and spent much time to find your junk mail on android but unfortunately you do not succeed in searching your Hotmail junk mail then you don’t need to be panic because this is the right article for you which guided you to reached your junk mail. However, first, you should know what is junk mail.     

When you are bothered by some unwanted emails then there is a junk folder in Hotmail on an android phone  which is meant for receiving the unwanted or unnecessary emails .so the businessmen or other professional are likely to move their emails to junk mail folder but many majorities of people cant know how to find the  junk mail as

There is one easy way to check your hot mail junk mail on android phone

Note ( the Hotmail managers has now changed its name to outlook so if you do a research on google about Hotmail or try to install a Hotmail app from play store you will find it as an outlook as it no longer remains as Hotmail.

These following steps are based on the android outlook app.

  • Install the hot mail app

If there is no Hotmail app in your android phone then install it or add your email or password to login in case you have no account, create one. After login to your account just check your inbox of hot mail .in order to move your specific email into the junk folder you need to press it longer.

  • Click on options

Then a couple of options will display  on the top right screen of your android .From these options click on the menu option and it will directly open a menu on your screen. The menu will show you a report junk option you have to click on it and two options were appear on the screen

  • Junk
  • Phishing

Then choose the junk option .after doing this a small pop up appears on your android screen. If you want to send a copy of this email to Microsoft then click on the report option .now the question comes to your mind that what is the work of phishing option here. I reveal you if someone tried to steal your information by hacking your email. AS a result of  hacking; your email move into the junk folder  then you need to select the phishing option instead of junk

Email moved into the junk folder

How to check Hotmail Junk mail on android

By selecting the junk button, your email has moved into the junk folder you can check it by open the junk folder to see whether the email moves into the junk folder or not. To check the junk email you need to click on the menu option that appears on the top left corner of your android screen. The drop-down menu will appear on your screen after this click on the junk then you will be directed to junk folder of your account. Now you can easily check the email which must be in the top section of your junk folder

How to Remove the email from the junk folder

If you mark your important email as junk mistakenly then you can also moved it to the  Hotmail emails just by following these easy steps

  • First of all, go to the junk folder by the above mentioned steps
  • The next step is to locate the specific email that you wish to be mark as not junk. After finding the right email you will have to press it longer . After the longer press some options will come on your screen .from the given option click on the menu which will bring the top down menu to your screen
  • In this menu an option named not junk appear. Tap on this then the selected e mail will be moved back to its original location.

One of the good benefit of junk option is that by marking some unwanted emails as junk the other emails from the same address did not received by you received by you but if you still get the emails from the same addressor then you should think about the officially blocked of that person .

As you know there is no basic block option for android phones you have to take these following steps in order to block a sender

How to block a sender

First open your android mobile phone browser and then search hotmail now you can login to hotmail.

Now select these following options from your toolbar

Junk > Block (Spam > Block) option.

  • The final step is click on the ok so all of your selected emails will be removed  from the email and moved to the junk folder which directly leads to stop the other emails from the same addresser . It can also be called that one he is blocked

What is hotmail actually.

Hotmail is developed by Microsoft. It is an email platform with best facility features. It offers business men or other professional workers to make their job easy by sending emails to each other. In this modem age ; where technology is growing rapidly, the mode of communication through emails offer many facilities to its users .hotmail is one of the best email site.

The big mistake that people mostly do is deleting their junk emails .in Many cases it can be seen that the deleted junk email is very important for the person and may be it can create a scary situation for the person  .but hotmail tried its best to solve its users problems thus there is a solution for it as well as we know that we are human  beings and this creature can commit mistakes..

How to move your junk mails to inbox email

  • First go to the top of messages list then 
  • Select the option in order to Recover  the items  that deleted from this folder.
  • Choose the items that you want to be recovered  and click  the Restore optio
  • . Now you were probably thought that where your recovered items had gone ? The answer is that different cate griefs of things go to their original places .
  • Such as your messages must be go to your inbox to your inbox,

The calendar staff will go to the calendar icon  Your contact number will go to the contact folder.  The specific task will go to the task icon

I think now you know how to check hotmail junk mail on android.Please leave comment to tell your experience.

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